Level Gauge & Spare

  • Gauge Glasses

    Gauge Glasses

    Two Standard Versions of Gauge Glasses: Reflex Glasses: Which allow simple and safe readings to be made at a distance…

  • Liquid Level Indicator RT180

    Liquid Level Indicator RT180

    Liquid Level Indicator RT180 - A simple mechanical float operated unit which give a clear visual indication of tank contents.…

  • Ruler Level Indicator (Stage/Staff Gauge)

    Ruler Level Indicator (Stage/Staff Gauge

    Ruler Level Indicator - A common standard visual indicator to determine the surface water level and implemented in rivers, streams,…

  • WGV Level Gauge

    WGV Level Gauge

    Gate Cock Gauge (WGV-BRONZE & WGV-SS304)

  • Bi-Color Level Gauge

    Bi-Color Level Gauge

    Bi Color Level Gauge - A variation of transparent level gauge equipped with two reflex glasses and a back illuminator,…